Individual Programme

Individual Programme April 2021

Arrive Bardou: 14.30 Wednesday 14th April
Depart Bardou: 13.30 Sunday 18th April

A four-day, four-night immersive self development programme for up to 8 people

Due to ongoing Covid-19 disruption we are postponing all overseas programmes until spring 2021; dates to be announced soon. Please see our news page for online offerings. 

This, our second programme, is offered at a reduced fee to individuals who want to help us hone this unique experience.  

Who is the Individual Programme designed for?

If you are an individual who wants to gain insight into the personal challenges that you currently face, this programme has been designed to help you see your purpose more clearly, to understand the obstacles that are blocking it, and to construct a plan to put your purpose into action in the world.

Some examples of why you might choose this programme:

  • You are at a life transition point and want to gain a better understanding of how you function and in what way that informs the choices you face
  • You want to learn how to build better relationships with partners, friends and family, or colleagues
  • You are wondering how you fit into the world, and how you might contribute to making it a better place

How does the Individual Programme work?

If you are an individual who wants to explore your purpose, this programme is designed to provide a safe and secure therapeutic framework within which you can explore at depth how you operate with others in a group as a way of understanding how you operate in the world. Over the course of four days, the group process and outdoor activities are guided by a series of questions:

1: Where, and who am I in my life, and what are the challenges that I face?

2: How is my mind environment structured, and in what way does it colour the way that others experience me?

3: What are the below-the-surface forces that trap me in repetitive and unproductive patterns with others?

4: Revisiting my purpose, what would I like to do with what I’ve learned?

On the final day, you will be encouraged to gather together what you have experienced and develop a purpose map – a distillation of your thoughts about how to apply what you’ve learned. This may be a personal statement of intent, very simple in its contours. Or it could be a more ambitious collaborative exercise involving other Mind Environment participants.

What can you expect to gain from the Individual Programme?

While this programme may be emotionally, and sometimes physically challenging, we hope it will be an adventure that will provide you with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Who you are, how you form relationships, and the position you occupy in the world
  • What’s blocking you from realising your desired purpose and how you could create better conditions to achieve your potential
  • Your purpose goals and how they might contribute to making the world a better place


We’re excited to offer our second programme in Bardou to pioneers who want to help us hone the experience by taking part and giving us constructive feedback at the end. In recognition of your contribution, the fee for the April 2021 Individual Programme is reduced to £950 per person. This unique opportunity is enabled by the team working pro bono, and accordingly, future programmes will involve a higher fee.

Included in cost of April 2021 Individual Programme:

  • Participation in the programme
  • All outdoor activities
  • 4 nights of accommodation in Bardou village
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner when in Bardou (dinner includes wine)
  • Attendance of private music performance on final evening
  • Participation in the Mind Environment Individual Programme community
  • Follow up meeting with a group facilitator

Not included:

  • Flights or train
  • Transfers to Bardou1

1: Details to be confirmed – For those travelling from London on Wednesday 14th April 2021 and returning there on Sunday 18th April, the following flights best serve the programme arrival and departure times. We will arrange transfers for both. Outbound, 14th April: 07.35 British Airways flight from Heathrow, arriving 10.25 Toulouse Blagnac Airport (transfer to Bardou leaving airport at 11.30 available for the additional cost of £75). Inbound, 18th April: 19.00 British Airways flight from Toulouse Blagnac Airport, arriving Heathrow 19.50 (transfer departing Bardou at 13.30 available for the additional cost of £75). We are aware that some participants may be travelling from (and to) other parts of the UK, overseas, or by rail or car. Once we have a sense of all participants’ travel arrangements, we will be happy to facilitate shared transfers from other common points of arrival, or to advise on public transport, car hire and taxis. Please note: given the current disruption to transport networks, the above may be subject to revision.


If you’re interested in taking part in the April 2021 Mind Environment Individual Programme, please follow these next steps:

1. Download an application form. Here, you’ll be asked to describe your general fitness and any prior experience of psychological work, (e.g, leadership development, executive coaching, or psychotherapy), although we should emphasise previous experience is not required. We’ll also ask if there’s anything we should know about, such as food allergies and medical conditions.

2. Send your completed application to We’ll then contact you to arrange a time to discuss participation.

3. We will assess whether the programme is suitable for you, and if there is availability remaining you’ll be asked to complete a booking form and pay a deposit to secure your place2.

2: Payment terms and conditions can be found on our booking form.