August Thought Piece – The Road from Challenge to Opportunity

For our first online leadership forum we hosted a global conversation between leaders who wanted to explore their journeys in light of the myriad challenges emerging in 2020.

After a brief large group introduction, we divided into two breakout room conversations, from which the following six core themes emerged. Each theme is illustrated by abridged, anonymised verbatim.

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What does purpose mean to leaders today?

In light of our upcoming autumn programme in Bardou, we were interested to learn more about leaders’ views on purpose. In order to do this, Question & Retain, our partners on this research project, contacted 2,869 UK-based senior leaders with 5 questions regarding their leadership purpose*.

This was a compelling project to work on, and helped us develop our thinking about what we see as three core, interlocking constituents of leadership purpose – our key takeaway from the research.

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