Practical details

Programme dates

  • Arrive Bardou: 4.30pm, Wednesday 29th April
    On arrival, you’ll be allocated accommodation that best suits your needs. After you have settled in, we’ll meet for introductions and discuss the programme’s structure, as well as guidelines to follow while staying in Bardou. This is followed by dinner in the village taverna, and then free time.
  • Depart Bardou: 12pm on Sunday 3rd May
    After breakfast on the last day we will meet for closing reflections before making the journey home.

Location and travel details

Bardou, 34390 Mons, France.

The nearest village with amenities is Mons, which is 20 minutes from Bardou by car, or approx. 70 minutes on foot. The nearest A&E hospital is approx. 45 minutes by car.

Nearest airports:

  • Toulouse (multiple carriers and flights). 161km from Bardou, approx. 150 minutes by car.
  • Montpellier (limited carriers and flights). 118km to Bardou, approx. 105 minutes by car.
  • Beziers (limited carriers and flights). 67km to Bardou, approx. 80 minutes by car.

Nearest train stations:

  • Beziers (timings by car, as above)
  • Montpellier (there is a link to Mons by tram 
    and then bus)

Accommodation and facilities 

Accommodation in the village consists of separate bedrooms in larger houses for two people, or single occupancy houses. All houses have their own kitchen, electricity and running water, and a living room with an open fire or wood burning stove. Most have their own terraces with views across the village and/or mountains.

Each house is unique and the layout varies considerably. Some have internal ladders, for example, or low ceilings, and so allocation of accommodation is based on individual needs.

No houses have loos, and only double occupancy houses have showers (these are prioritised for female participants). Communal showers and flushing loos are located in the centre of the village. Earth closet toilets are on the edge of the village.

Aside from accommodation, we will have our own dedicated meeting spaces: a hall for the large group meetings, and a large house for smaller group meetings. This house will also serve as our communal indoor space during free time.


We’re excited to offer our first programme in Bardou to pioneers who want to help us hone this unique offering by taking part and giving us honest feedback at the end. In recognition of your contribution, the fee for the April 2020 programme is reduced to £950 per person. This could be self-funded, or, if you work for an organisation, your Personal Development Budget may fund your participation. Leadership programmes in Autumn 2020 start at £5,250.

Included in cost of April 2020 programme:

  • Participation in the programme
  • All outdoor activities
  • 4 nights of accommodation in Bardou village
  • 3 catered meals for each of the three programme days, morning and afternoon refreshments, plus dinner on the arrival day and breakfast on the departure day. Dinner includes wine
  • Participation in the Mind Environment alumnae network

Not included:

  • Flights or train
  • Transfers to Bardou4

4: TBC.


If you’re interested in taking part in the October Mind Environment programme, please click here, where you can download an application form, a booking form, and our privacy policy.

On the application form you’ll be asked to describe your general fitness and any prior experience of psychological work, (e.g, leadership development, executive coaching, or psychotherapy), although we should emphasise previous experience is not required. We’ll also ask if there’s anything we should know about, such as food allergies and medical conditions.

Please send your completed application to We’ll then contact you to arrange a time to discuss participation. If there is availability remaining, you’ll be asked to complete a booking form and pay a deposit to secure your place5.

5: Payment terms and conditions can be found on our booking form (link).