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The world is becoming ever more complex. Quick fixes and feel-good interventions are not enough. You need to get far beneath the surface in order to develop meaningful solutions, and because your time is in short supply, you need to do that fast.

Designed and facilitated by experts in psychotherapy, leadership and coaching, Mind Environment’s tried and tested Breakthrough Process dives deep into the rational, emotional, and unconscious dimensions of your life or work challenge, by combining four core elements.



Creative Techniques


Combined, and facilitated with psychological rigour, these elements act as a force multiplier to provide rapid clarity on hidden obstacles and a realistic path forward in a compressed timeframe.

We run our Breakthrough Process as a 4-day group programme for individuals, and provide bespoke programmes for organisations and teams.

Arrive with a challenge. Experience breakthrough. Leave with a plan for meaningful change.


“The programme was emotional, intense and bonding – it achieved much more than expected. Two years on, I feel less volatile, more stable in my decision making, and more settled in knowing myself.”

The programme was more powerful than I could have anticipated. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I have. I’ve come to see and accept the power I have, and that others see in me, and have developed a better understanding of myself and what matters to me.

I want to thank you for an extraordinary programme. Now that I’m home, the insights continue to come fast and furious. That a group of strangers could see and hear me and champion my gifts and acknowledge that I had value in the world was life-changing. I believe it would have taken years of therapy to have gained so much in such a short time. You have created an extraordinary space of change.”

“The programme gave me a clearer sense of the type of leader I want to be, and how to get there… I was surprised by how much gratitude the experience brought up in me – for my life as it is and for the journey up to this point.”

“It was excellent – the most well thought through programme I’ve ever been on. It was an opportunity for deep reflection guided by some extremely skilled facilitators. For anyone facing life change or challenge I’d highly recommend it – you won’t regret it. I could have spent years in therapy or coaching and got a fraction of the way there.”

“The programme focussed on what needs to change at a deep personal level to unlock the best version of myself… I realised that if I can harness my emotional tank I can unleash great power and supercharge my existing contribution to the world.”

How our alumni sum up The Breakthrough Process

Asked to sum up the Breakthrough Process in feedback forms, here are the words that participants use most often:

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