Taking place in a 17th-century French mountain village surrounded by wilderness, this intensive, psychologically-driven 4-day programme is designed for people who are looking for rapid breakthrough on current life and work challenges.

The Journey:
What’s involved

Day 1: Arrival and Orientation

Arrive at Bardou and immerse yourself in stunning surroundings. Get to know the Mind Environment team and the like-minded individuals in your group through a series of introductory activities. The day concludes with a briefing session for days 2-5, followed by a welcome dinner.

Days 2-4: Intensive Exploration

Embrace an open mind for three intensive days of group exploration. Facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist, leadership coach, and outdoor activity lead, your group will become a powerful source of perspective and support as you work your way through a series of structured questions and activities. Each day is carefully designed to help you uncover the emotional and unconscious forces that shape your challenge, and unfold your understanding into a clear path forward.

Day 5: Leave with a Plan

Conclude your journey by crystallising your insights into a meaningful action plan, ready to tackle your challenge on your return.

What You’ll Experience

With its simple 17th century stone houses surrounded by mountain wilderness, staying in Bardou feels like stepping back in time. At dawn, deer wander down the main ‘street’, a cobbled footpath that winds up the mountain. The experience is pared back, simple, magical – one reason why Douglas Adams chose to write The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy here. At the end of each day, you’ll eat delicious French mountain food and drift off to sleep in a single occupancy room.

From sunrise hikes to silent walks and tree planting, outdoor activities build on creative techniques and group discussion to drive a dynamic pace, deepen your exploration, and provide multiple layers of fresh perspective on your challenge. This fusion acts as a force multiplier, keeping your journey surprising and intensifying your insight. At the end of each day, you can unwind and process the days’ events in front of a roaring fire, or while gazing at the stars.

In the process of arriving at your plan you’ll experience deep-level interactions with your group. This will help you develop greater insight into what drives your relationships, and build your confidence and resilience. After your return home, the Mind Environment team meet you for two follow-up sessions, and your group becomes an ongoing source of support, long after the programme’s close.

What’s Included


Creative Processing

Psychological Education

Psychologically-Driven Group Work


Wild Swimming

Meditative Techniques

Working with Nature

Carefully Curated Group

17th Century Stone Accommodation

All Meals

Individual and Group Follow-up Sessions

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