Progressing leaders with clarity

We structure and guide immersive programmes, in extraordinary places, delivering better performance for leaders and teams.

‘Mind Environment is an initiative for our times.’

Sandy Purewal, Founder & CEO Superfied, Founder and ex-Chair Octopus Marketing Group

For Leaders

For leaders looking to develop their effectiveness.

Refined programmes ranging from our Whole Environment Leadership Forum where leaders reflect with each other on their journey, to our Whole Environment Leadership Retreat where leaders embark on a profound learning adventure.

Whole Environment Leadership Retreat

Whole Environment Leadership Forum

For Organisations

For leaders, including HR specialists, who are looking to develop their teams and/or organisation.

Initiatives ranging from our half-day deep-dive Whole Environment Team Programmes to bespoke Whole Environment Consultancy. 

Whole Environment Team Programmes

Whole Environment Consultancy


“Environment” is defined as “the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates”. Mind Environment takes this definition and applies it to the whole rational and emotional landscape we operate in. 

‘Whole Environment’ thinking sees and works with the rational and emotional forces informing any situation.

Leaders and organisations who employ this ‘Whole Environment’ thinking are more effective and make better long-term choices.

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Our approach

Using our experience in psychology and leadership development, systems dynamics and narrative theory, we take leaders, teams and organisations through an immersive process, identifying the key influences that shape their situation.

By stepping back and seeing the ‘Whole Environment’, leaders and teams discover through experience more than they know in theory.

We then work productively with obstacles and unlock opportunities.

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