–Our approach

The ‘Whole Environment’ Philosophy and Process

Using our experience in psychology and leadership development, systems dynamics and narrative theory, we take individuals, leaders and teams through an immersive process, identifying all of the forces that shape their situation.

By stepping back and seeing the ‘Whole Environment’, people discover through experience more than they know in theory. What does that mean? Rather than whiteboard learning, our deep-level, group-based learning allows participants to experience first-hand the ‘below surface environment’ that shapes their situation. Learning about what drives deep-level interactions in a group situation provides individuals, leaders and teams with profound insight into the way they operate in the real world.

In a structured space, discussion and reflection, carefully interwoven with creative processes and activities access ‘below the surface’ revelations and profoundly influence ‘above the surface’ thinking and decisions.

Having identified all of the key influences, we then work productively with obstacles and unlock opportunities.

Our tried, tested and refined programmes and consultancy take you through a three-stage process:

1: Identify the ‘above surface environment’

2: Discover the obstacles and opportunities in the ‘below surface environment’

3: Develop an action plan based on the newly integrated ‘Whole Environment’ thinking


  • Engaging change (M&A and role transition)
  • Innovation through unlocking opportunities
  • Insight into invisible relationship drivers
  • Agree shared narrative
  • Work productively with unconscious bias
  • Align strategy with culture
  • Define and action purpose with concrete plan
  • Identify stress points and improve wellbeing
  • Develop trust, collaboration, effectiveness and efficiency

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