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For Leaders

Whole Environment Leadership Retreat – Bardou, France

Set in a unique 17th century mountain village surrounded by wilderness, this 4-day psychologically informed retreat is for leaders who want to decompress from a challenging year, and better understand, define and then action their purpose. The retreat programme has been designed for deep, intensive work with a maximum of 8 experienced leaders in a confidential and focussed structure.


  • Develop greater insight into the ‘Whole Environment’ forces that shape your leadership interactions with others
  • Discover what’s blocking your leadership purpose and create the right conditions to achieve your vision
  • Design purpose goals for you and/or your organisation that contribute to making the world a better place

Next retreat: April 2022

Arrive Bardou: 14.30 Sunday 24th April
Depart Bardou: 12.00 Thursday 28th April

Covid-19 update: with a maximum of 8 participants, social distancing will be possible during the retreat, should this still be required in September. In the event that we cannot run the retreat, all deposits are fully refundable, or can be rolled over to the next available retreat.

Whole Environment Leadership Forum

In this bi-monthly online forum, we offer leaders a confidential space to explore their personal leadership journey given the multiple challenges they currently face. Each forum is guided by a theme relating to the current context, and the wider business, social and political landscapes surrounding them.


  • A confidential space to reflect on your journey with a group of like-minded leaders
  • Share your experiences with peers and draw on their collective knowledge
  • Gain insight into your situation and fresh thinking on your current operational and personal challenges

For Organisations

Staying Engaged During Remote Working – half-day online team programme

Through structured discussion and in-depth exploration, this half-day programme is designed to help teams maximise organisation-wide engagement while remote working. We introduce ‘Whole Environment’ thinking to turbo charge the conversation, identify hidden obstacles and effect real breakthrough, and enable teams to make informed choices about what has emerged.


  • Teams discover what good engagement looks like in a time of remote working
  • Teams experience deep-level remote team communication
  • Teams deepen team trust and remote collaboration.
  • Teams identify the tools for organisation-wide engagement and develop a plan for going forward.

Whole Environment Check-In – half-day team programme

This half-day programme facilitates teams to have structured, in depth, conversations about where they are now and how that sits with their purpose. We then introduce ‘Whole Environment’ thinking to turbo charge the conversation, identify hidden issues and effect real breakthrough, co-developing comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.


  • Team reflect on current challenges, surface obstacles and identify opportunities
  • Use ‘Whole Environment’ thinking to sharpen insight into internal and external relations
  • Experience deep-level team communication, deepen trust and maximise collaboration
  • Develop a plan for keeping the ‘Whole Environment’ conversation going

Whole Environment Consultancy

We design and deliver bespoke interventions based on where particular needs are right now. Typically, this involves three principal steps:

Step 1) Engage & evaluate your situation

Step 2) Whole Environment thinking

Step 3) Embed across your organisation

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